All Audiences Fun and Games - Series

Everybody loves to play! It is good for our health and wellbeing! If it is young kids, teens or elderly, ACME will get them going! Fun and laughter for sure! We can adapt our presentation either inside or out and make it work with the space that you have. With a SERIES program, the site gets 3 workshops which allows ACME to touch on a wide variety of games and events focusing on youth guidance and teamwork.  

Art and Relaxation

Participants will learn and practice relaxation and mindfulness techniques, then create art using mindfulness skills. In our busy lives taking time to be creative and rejuvenate will be a welcome respite for all.

Basics of Microsoft Office Suite

Participants will learn the basics of Microsoft Word and Excel. At the end they will know how to use these programs to do tasks that include writing a letter or creating a well formatted document and worksheets in Excel. They'll also learn how to use templates.

Blues and the Poetry of the Harlem Renaissance

Learn about the music and poetry of the Harlem Renaissance and the impact they had on American culture, through poetry readings, history and live Delta and Piedmont Blues, with blues musician Robin OHerin. Participants will have a chance to write a poem or blues song and perform it.


Acme Teamwork will help shed some light on the different type of bullying and how it impacts young residents. Through activities games and role playing, Acme will help enlighten young residents of what bullying is and how to help deal with it.

Chair Massage Series by Restorative Touch Massage Studio

Residents will enjoy a fully clothed chair massage on site. Massage is known to relieve stress symptoms such as muscle tension and sleep loss. Sign up sheets are provided for 10/15/20 minute slots.

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.

Community Chair Massage Series by Anita Hudson

In this workshop, participants will experience a stress reducing massage while sitting in a chair specially designed for this purpose. According to Shulman and Jones of the Touch Research Institute, massage helps reduce anxiety and depression and other aches.

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.

Guided Sound Meditation - Series

Join us, and experience three unique meditative journeys!  Immerse yourself in the power of healing sound.  Enjoy soothing vocals, singing bowls, Celtic harp, and other instruments!  Each month, you'll experience different meditations and learn new techniques through your breath, senses, and your mind's eye. Leave feeling refreshed, and deeply relaxed!

Internet Exploration, Emailing and Social Media

In this workshop, Senior residents will learn how to use e-mail, perform Internet research, listen and read current news, and shop safely. Participants will also be introduced to Social Media particularly Facebook. They will learn how to make connections with loved ones, share interests and join groups.

Resume Building and Job Search

In this workshop, participants will go through the process of job hunting. Residents will learn about Internet Employment Searches, Resume Creation, Writing Cover Letters, Interview Requests, and Interview Tips.

Savings & Cash Management Strategies

Participants learn to develop better spending and savings habits, and will set up a personalized monthly spending plan, identify and analyze where money is going, avoid common spending traps, develop a plan to live on less and enjoy life more, and uncover easy and creative ways to save.

Songwriting/Recording Workshop

Did you ever want to write a song?  How about writing a group song? Every group songwriting workshop is joy filled and inspiring. First week we write a song.  Second week we perfect it.  Third week we record on portable recording studio. Your song will be digitally available to download  

Understanding Google Applications

Participants will learn about various applications that are included in Google online suites. Some of these programs include: Google Shopping, Maps, Earth, Translate, Docs, Travel, etc. The goal is for residents to develop understanding of these programs and learn how it can help them in their daily lives.

Yoga For Beginners

Learn breathing techniques and poses through the practice of Hatha Yoga. Yoga for Beginners is ideal for students who are beginners and skill level 1. Hatha Yoga stretches your body, quiets your mind and refreshes your spirit. Yoga may improve flexibility, balance and de-stress the mind.

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.