¡Combo Sabroso!

¡Combo Sabroso! is a four-piece band that plays authentic, well-known covers of Salsa and Reggae music sung both in English and Spanish. Their repertoire includes dance music from Puerto Rico, Cuba and Jamaica performed enthusiastically by some of Boston's finest musicians.

A Family Cabaret

This comedy/music/movement revue is ideal for an intergenerational audience. It offers a fun look at daily rituals, wake-up to bedtime, from the perspective of all ages.  Repertoire for this joyous romp is customized to suit whatever the occasion, season, or holiday.

ART Chair Massage Wellness Workshop

Residents will embrace their creative spirit and create an art journal. This creative process encourages a calm mind and relaxation. With that same intention, participants will receive a 10 minute fully clothed chair massage to bring a deeper sense of relaxation to their day. Each component is 1.5 hours for a total session of 3 hours. 

All Audiences Fun and Games

Everybody loves to play! It is good for our health and wellbeing! If it is young kids, teens or elderly, ACME will get them going! Fun and laughter for sure! We can adapt our presentation either inside or out and make it work with the space that you have.

Along Memory Lane

A musical walk down memory lane from the '20's to the '60's. A live musical program with recorded piano accompaniment, along with a mistress of ceremony. Audience participation with sing-a-longs and fun props, yesteryear trivia with prizes awarded and a whole lot of fun! Perfect for seniors!

Amazingly, Mae West!

Come meet the Amazing Mae West! Famous for her one-liners and double entendre, Mae will wow the audience with her comedy, singing (including sing-along with the audience). During the "Ask Mae" segment, audience members will have the opportunity to directly communicate with Mae.

American Bandstand Tribute

Join our entertainer as he pays tribute to Dick Clark's legendary TV show, the American Bandstand. The show will feature a variety of artists who performed on the show in the 50's and 60's. You'll hear favorites from Frankie Avalon, the Everly Brothers, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley & the Comets, Sam Cooke, and many more.

American Graffiti / Rock n' Roll Tribute to the 50’s and 60’s

Nostalgic about the music of the 50s and 60s? Enjoy a trip down Memory lane while singer Mark Stanzler sings and dances to the greatest ballads and most beloved songs from the fifties and sixties. This is an engaging show with interesting trivia about the music and entertainers that excited a generation.

American Pop

Shake rattle and roll with Elvis, revisit Beatlemania, and sing-a-long with Buddy Holly, Sam Cooke and others. A duo of musicians on guitar, keyboard, and drums rock down Memory Lane singing the radio hits of the 50's, 60's and more. The music is punchy but never overpowering.

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.

Apartment Living

Do you hate housework? Do you have too much stuff and not enough space? A professional will share her secrets of home management. Learn how to manage mail, bills, and other papers. You may have more leisure time, cleaner living quarters, and less stress.

Archie K. Multicultural PowerJazz Extravaganza

The Kubota POWERJAZZ Unit brings a mix of music from around the world. Jazz, Blues, R&B, Latin, Gospel, Fusion, Motown, Rock'n'Roll, and World Beat. Audience participation can be presented according to each site's specific request and occasion. Great fun for dance party or just music appreciation.

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.

Around The World Puppet Show

A magical trip around the world with multi-cultural puppet tales. Audiences are treated to a wide diversity of puppets and puppetry styles with beautiful staging and original music. Some stories are interactive, all have positive messages!

Art Journaling and Mixed Media Techniques

Learn and experiment with mixed media techniques to work on your art: incorporating different materials, utilizing stencils, stamping, printing and more! Everyone is creative! Come and surprise yourself as you enjoy the process of creating! Art journaling has a lot of healthy benefits to offer you.

Art and Relaxation

Participants will learn and practice relaxation and mindfulness and then create some art using mindfulness skills. In our busy lives, taking time to be creative and rejuvenate will be a nice break for all participants.

Artful Meditation: Silk Blooms and More

Silk Floral Arrangements is a fun, relaxing how to workshop for older adults and seniors. Participants use their hands, fingers, and wrists to cut, twist, manipulate flowers, and stems with decorative accessories in a music filled environment. Facilitator demonstrates an arrangement, leads participants in 5 minutes of hand/fingers coordination movement exercise, instructs participants to choose their vases and supplies. At the workshop's end, participants display their works in a circle. After completing circle, each participant takes home a floral arrangement.

Arts and Crafts around the Year

Arts and Crafts for every season or holiday; or customized for your community. Halloween, Easter, snowflakes in the winter, red white and blue hats for the 4th of July, Mother’s Day cards, wind chimes, shimmery creations, painted stones and tee-shirts are just a few possible creations. Everyone will create something and bring it home! Supplies will vary for each class.

Awareness Stretch

Residents will be gently guided to experience getting in touch with their muscles, breath and mind. This can create an opportunity for you to revitalize your relationship with your body. We will always work together in your comfort zone. This program is designed for everyone.

Ba Ba Betta

A craft session all audiences can enjoy. This session begins with naming the Beta's and learning how to care for your new pet. Then the fun begins with creating a low maintenance mini aquarium. Residents will decorate a 6 inch Ivy glass bowl with paint, stones, marbles, seashell or gravel. Beta and food will be provided.

Basin Street Bash

Celebrate Mardi Gras anytime of the year by dancing to Cajun, Creole, Zydeco, Jazz and Blues Music in the great styles of New Orleans! From the Washboard to the Pickle; learn and hear how all these uniquely fascinating sounds create lively and diverse music that gets everyone moving and having fun!

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.

Beatles, Beatles, BEATLES!

Jonathan brings his guitar and voice for a celebration of rock’s greatest band! The concert spans the Beatles history. Singing along is encouraged!

Big Joe the Storyteller's "A World of Stories"

A collection of multicultural tales from around the world. The tales are told with props, puppets, and audience participation, as well as Big Joe's dynamic storytelling style. The show is made for all ages and has something for everyone!

Big Kahuna Luau

The Big Kahuna hosts this Musical Interactive Tropical Luau Show that will turn any venue into an Island Paradise. Professional vocalists fill the air with Hawaiian, Tropical and Beach Music. Learn the Hula, enter the Hula and Limbo Contests and become Kahuna for the Day!

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.

Blue Skies Trio

The Blue Skies Trio plays the music you grew up with! Vocalist Maureen Benson sings songs from the 40's to the 60's ably accompanied by Michal Ball on bass and Ric Mauré at the keyboard. Listen or sing along with musicians singing and playing songs from Sinatra to the Drifters.

Boogie Down Ball

Boogie Down Ball is a 2 hour dance party complete with family-friendly DJ, lights, bubbles, line dance instruction, games, prizes, props, and of course MUSIC!

Bottle Painting with Lights

Painting's not just for the canvas! Create custom wine bottles hand-painted by YOU! We'll provide the bottle and pre-drill holes for the lights. The lights are provided as well as all supplies needed. We bring ideas as well as samples. Use one of our designs or your own! Anything goes!

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.

Broadway Lady

Broadway Lady is a musical program that promotes camaraderie and participation as the audience members sing-a-long to familiar songs or sit back and listen to Andrea Lyman sing. Fun with show tunes, novelty songs and holiday songs while learning bits of history and stories leading to laughter and education.

Canvas Painting for All

Join us for a few entertaining hours of canvas painting instruction. The best part is going home with a unique painting you can call yours and hopefully a new-found talent you'll want to explore. You will be painting a selected picture with step by step instructions. Canvas size varies depending on the painting.

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.

Caravan Puppets: Timeless Tales!

Caravan's "best of" show, TIMELESS TALES features a collection of some of our favorite world tales and original skits. Audiences are treated to a wide diversity of puppets and puppetry styles with beautiful staging and original music. Some stories are interactive, all have positive messages! 

Caribbean Party

The Beautiful Future Band will transport you to the Caribbean Islands for a relaxing festive party with new and familiar tropical island songs and games, featuring live musicians with fine singing and the delightful sounds of the steel drum.

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.

Caricatures by Alejandro

The program provides black and white and/or color portraits for participants. The humorous drawings are fun for all ages!

Celebration of Christmas

An enchanting holiday show, filled with Christmas sing-a-longs, holiday traditions of other cultures and a fun holiday trivia contest with prizes awarded. Two actors in festive attire will bring props, recorded music, prizes and will delight the guests with lots of enjoyable audience participation.

Chair Massage by Dierdre Davidson

Residents at your site enjoy benefits of fully-clothed chair massage combined with reiki and other modalities that promote relaxation. Massage has been known to relieve stress symptoms such as muscle tension and sleep loss. This program is wheelchair accessible. Congregate and appointment forum available.

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.

Chair Massage by Restorative Touch Massage Studio

Residents will enjoy a fully clothed chair massage on site. Massage is known to relieve stress symptoms such as muscle tension and sleep loss. Sign up sheets will be provided.

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.

Christmas with the Crooner

Allow professional singer Mark Stanzler to sing and dance as we go "dashing through the snow" capturing Holiday nostalgia through music. This musical journey strings together the best holiday classics made famous by many of our most hallowed entertainers from Bing Crosby to Elvis Presley and many more.

Circle the World: A Musical Journey

Have harp, will travel!  Join Lydia for a soulful sampler of music and poetry, including songs and instruments from around the world as well as original compositions. Each performance will be unique and may also include Irish fiddle tunes, Zimbabwean mbira, and other surprises.

Classic Country

A duo of musicians will relive the golden years of country music with songs by Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Patsy Cline and more, delivered with a fun and spirited performance.

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.

Classic Songs

Great songs to warm the heart and get your feet tapping! Jonathan can customize your program with songs from his huge collection which includes music from the 1930’s through the 2020's! Performing on guitar and voice, Jonathan, a graduate of Berklee College Of Music, has graced hundreds of stages and played with some of New England's finest musicians! Programs are available for adults, elders and children.

Climate Healing Celebration

A Beautiful Future Band presents an engaging musical and educational program featuring original songs which will share hopeful and good news about how to heal and reverse climate change.  Colorful, illustrative slides are available as space allows. 

Comedy Magic Show

Magic by George's fun-filled show will keep your audience on the edge of their seats. With lots of audience participation and lighthearted humor, everyone will leave wanting more. For young and old alike. Great Show! Great fun! Shows tailored to fit age group.

Come meet Julia Child!

A live performance which features a unique glimpse into the life of the beloved chef, Julia Child. "Julia" will provide a demonstration of her culinary skills in her usual style -wowing the audience - with lots of laughs, audience participation and fun for all!

Computer Basics for Seniors and Computer Novices

The goal of this series is to help seniors or computer novices become comfortable with using computer programs and applications. Residents will learn to navigate the desktop, use the Internet, manage files and folders.

Country Music Tribute Show

Do your residents love country music? If the answer is yes, this is the show for your site! Residents can sit back, relax and enjoy the show as Ron and Mary sing songs from Alabama, Bonnie Raitt, Willie Nelson, Brooks & Dunn, Toby Keith, George Strait, Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, Allison Kraus and many more.

Crooners & Rockers

Residents will reminisce and take a stroll down memory lane with Ron and Mary as they sing hits by Bennett, Sinatra, Darin through Billy Joel, Mellencamp, Springsteen, Neil Diamond, and more! Audience participation is encouraged! 

Custom Design T-Shirt

Ever wanted to design your own T-shirt with Logo? Design your own personalize premium T-shirt with decals, stencils, fabric paint and vinyl. This design will be a one of a kind T-shirt you can wear.  

Dancing & Healing: Let’s Play Taiko Drums!

Power up with dance steps! You’ll enjoy Japanese Taiko drumming and dancing! Healing music of the world beat with a simple movements. You’ll learn how to move, include “Obon festival dance” and how to drum with international demonstrator(s).  Let’s have exciting and happy moments together! 

Day of Health

We will educate the youth on our three pillars: eating healthy, mental health, and physical health. We will introduce them with fun, interactive, and playful activities. The goal is to provide children with the important life tips and tricks that were not privy to us until adulthood. 

Diamond Family Circus

Diamond Family Circus' professional performer—educator will entertain and amaze with demonstrations of skill, then help YOU learn safe, fun skills to put on your own circus show! Circus arts have something for everyone and activities are adaptable to any age, ability, and space!

Drum Creatively

This interactive drumming circle encourages participants to experience the freedom of self expression that creative drumming can create. Gathered residents have the opportunity to feel this powerful and uplifting energy. All instruments are supplied; each person can choose which they would like to experience. Drum till your hearts'  content. 

Easy Yoga

This program is for anyone who has wondered what yoga is and how it works. Movements are done sitting on a chair or using the chair for balance, and are appropriate for all body types. Yoga helps improve breathing, mobility and can ease everyday aches and pains.

Emerald Isle

Sing along with Kate from the Beautiful Future Band as she and other band members perform favorite Irish songs evoking the beauty, delightful people, and a bit of Blarney from the Emerald Isle.

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.

Explore with Collage Adults

This collage process promotes personal and interpersonal development using pictures only. Finished work nurture inner messages, taking on new meaning as life itself evolves. This process may facilitate the revelation of self, establishing renewed commitment and awareness.

Exploring China: The "Middle Kingdom" Through Music & Story

From the grasslands of Mongolia to the high mountain of Yunnan, master musician Shaw Pong Liu takes audiences on a musical journey through historical and contemporary China. Her suitcase is packed with languages and musical instruments, Shaw Pong weaves history, geography, the Mandarin language and Chines folk music in a dynamic exploration of China. 

Family Fun With Songs & Storytelling

Kids and parents can enjoy joining in on lively sing-alongs (many with movement) and captivating tales, accompanied by guitar, mountain dulcimer, mouth bow and limberjack (a dancing wooden rhythm puppet). A gifted folksinger and storyteller, Tim’s warmth, humor and dynamic talent make for high-spirited fun!

Fun with Collage Kids+

From 100's of pre-cut pictures to choose attendees can complete many projects or just one today. Finished collages encourage personal and interpersonal development. This process nurtures creative and unexpected awareness. Children and/or inter-generational.

Glassware Painting

Painting's not just for the canvas! Create your own custom wine glass, hand-painted by YOU! We'll provide the glass and all the art materials. We bring ideas as well as samples. Use one of ours or your own designs! Anything goes!

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.

Going to Mardi Gras

Jim brings the feeling of Mardi Gras whenever he performs this show!  "Going to the Mardi Gras" features the music of some of the great New Orleans Performers including Fats Domino, Louis Armstrong, Louis Prima, John Boutte, Dr. John, & Harry Connick Jr. 

Got Conflict? Deal with Conflict Effectively: Tools for Your Toolbox

An interactive workshop to help residents improve their skills at dealing with conflict and move towards building a positive community. The training covers: understanding different conflict styles, dispelling conflict myths, examining how conflicts escalate, identifying strategies for de-escalation, prevention and resolution.

Grand Ole Opry Tribute

Join Dave Colucci as he pays tribute to the greatest country singers such as Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Glenn Campbell, Conway Twitty and many more. So get ready to go on the road again for a fun time of singing, dancing and toe-tapping as we pay tribute to the singers of The Grand Ole Opry!

Graphic Novel Adventure- Planeta Blu

After Lares, her brother Angel, and their friends gain magical abilities, they stumble upon a looming war. The animal kingdom is ramping up to save the earth, ”Planeta Blu” by taking on the global climate crisis and fighting pollution at the source. One billionaire oil tycoon has sinister machinations at work, but the globe’s animals and a young team of humans will need to work together if they want to have any chance at saving our world!

Participants will meet the critically acclaimed published author and Hip-Hop artist Tem Blessed to learn about the process of creating this 252-page graphic novel comic. Participants will take part, as readers, in a fun, live reading of this colorful and exciting Sci-Fi - Fantasy graphic novel published by Dark Horse Comics - Avatar the Last Airbender. Diverse characters populate this story. Perfect for ages 7 years old and up.

Guided Sound Meditation

This is a unique program employing music, song and story to guide you to a peaceful state of relaxation, and lead you down a path of mindfulness and meditation. Explore breath awareness, visualization and therapeutic sound with and transformational breath work inspired elements.

Hats Off To America

Singer/songwriter/actress Carol Pedigree McConnell performs a participatory historical, musical comedy. Exciting, stimulating and interactive, this show captures the years from the turn of the century through the 20's, 30's, 40s and 50's. Carol has a unique collection of vintage hats, gowns, and parasols that enhance this very entertaining experience. 

Hats Off To Seniors

Residents can enjoy this one-hour concert of heartwarming songs and stories saluting older folks and people with disabilities. Tim's warm, high-spirited humor and captivating talent will get residents tapping their toes and singing along as he plays guitar, mountain and hammered dulcimers, and limberjack.

Hip Hop Performance

Blest Energy, a conscientious Hip Hop group, creates an original and organic expression of Hip Hop culture. Blest Energy, always establishes a positive party atmosphere while dazzling the audience with their turntable wizardry and music-playing it as it was intended to be played: exciting, positive and highly interactive.

Hip Hop Workshop — Who is Hip-Hop? I am Hip Hop!

Blest Energy use Hip Hop as a tool to engage participants in meaningful discussions about issues of racism, sexism, personal responsibility and classism. The objective is to break down the stereotypes associated with Hip Hop culture and to present the positive side of genre that is seldom portrayed in the media.

Holiday Puppet Show

Have fun celebrating the season with puppets, songs and audience participation. Hear how the princess cooks her holiday meal, how the snowman lost his hat and how Mr. and Mrs. Clause learn about other holiday traditions and are welcomed by a stranger. Fun for the whole family.

Howdy Pilgrim

Fully costumed, our professional vocalists perform traditional Thanksgiving songs and present facts and stories about our first Thanksgiving and our traditions throughout. This performance is interactive and engaging; ending with a fun quiz with themed prizes. Beautiful, fun and informative.

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.

Jack Frost Winter Wonderland Show

Jack Frost along with Suzy Snow Flake and The Snow Queen pay tribute to all the wonderful things that make winter special. This fun filled interactive, musical variety show celebrates all the winter holidays: Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza and New Year's through History, Costumes, Music and Interactive Fun!

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.

Johnny Pizzi Magic Show

Johnny Pizzi is the one of the premier magicians in New England and the East coast.  He is an amazing Magic performer and specializes in close-up, stage magic and Mentalism. Johnny performs regularly at venues across the region. 

Kathaka: Dancing Rhythm and Stories of India

The ancient art of Kathak is one of the eight forms of classical Indian dance. Its name comes from the Sanskrit word for “story.” Kathak dancers use swift and precise footwork and graceful gestures to tell traditional Indian stories. Through movement, music and math, Kathakas perform “Kathak Yoga” – a technique which unifies the recitation of taal (rhythm), the singing of a melody and the dancing of complex footwork and rapid spins. Participants will learn to count out complex poly-rythmns to help the dancer keep time and a few volunteers may learn some basic Indian dance steps.

Keep Your Balance

As we age, the risk of falls increases. Easy enjoyable movements, done while seated or standing, that exercise the feedback loop between the body, senses, and brain help improve balance. Fun to do strengthening, eye-hand coordination games, and self-managed stretching are accessible for all. Props, and handout provided.

Kitchen Top to Bottom

Struggle to come up with a meal every night? Refrigerator a mess? Never able to find the right-sized pot? This course will teach you how to get your kitchen and cooking under control. You'll learn quick and easy ways to prepare your meals and how to make them different every time.

Ladies Sing the Blues

This musical program explores the lives and songs of women performing the blues from the early 20's to the present day.

Marcus Santos: Bucket Drumming Workshops

By learning bucket drumming, a musical form from the streets, participants will discover that exciting rhythms and beats can be made on any surface. Using drum sticks on plastic buckets, participants will learn the fundamentals of ensemble drumming and will practice performing polyrhythms.

May the 4th Be With You: "Space Warrior" Training

May the 4th Be With You provides "Warrior" Breath, Mindfulness, & Movement Training, any time of year, with our costumed "Space General," the professional stage combat choreographer and certified Tai Chi & Mediation teacher, J.T. Turner, who even shares how to use his safe-for-play "laser light swords." Fun for fans of epic movies, from youth to elders, as well as anyone who wants to better self-regulate the powerful force within them, and use it for good! Adaptable for any ability.

Mesa Farm Horsemanship One Day Program

A youth program consisting of a visit to Mesa Farm in Rutland, MA to have horse-related experiences and learn about agriculture and farm life. Participants will have several hands-on opportunities including riding a horse.

Music Journey—Songs Around the World

Let's take a journey with songs from around the world. Departing from New York, we'll fly to Mexico, Cuba, Africa, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Poland, ride camels on the Silk Road to Russia, China, take a bullet train in Japan, and return to Logan Airport. Archie will sing in English, Spanish, Russian, and Japanese.

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.

Music Through the Ages

A one hour presentation by vocalist Jim Porcella featuring music from the 40's through the 70's including Jazz, swing Motown and pop and songs by Glen Miller, Nat King Cole, Chuck Berry, The Marcels, Five Satin, The Beatles, The Temptations, Bobby Darin, Billy Joel, Steve Wonder, Frank Sinatra, and more.

Musical Concert Featuring Philip Alexander

Musician Philip Alexander presents an exciting concert, featuring hits from the Beatles to Broadway and beyond. Beautiful guitar, ukulele, harmonica, percussion. Perfect for all residences, community events, older adults, family housing, and youth. Audiences love to sing, play & dance along! Customizable for themes, holidays, age and group size etc.

Name That Tune

Participants will listen to a great variety of music. They will be asked to "Name That Tune" and "Who Sang The Song." The vocals are live and the music is exactly the way it was recorded.

Paint in the city / Konpa n Paint

Konpa is a popular form of jazz-based dance music that originated in Haiti during the mid-twentieth century. Let's have some fun. Join us for a unique paint party with a twist and musical experience. In this program, enjoy "Konpa n Paint" or choose a culture or theme and embrace the creative side as we dance, enjoy good people, and of course paint! Paintings can be pre-drawn or not. Fun for all ages.

Personalize and Design an Item for Home!

Facilitator will demonstrate step by step how to apply decals made out of permanent/removable vinyl cut with the Cricut machine. At the end of the workshop, every participant will have the opportunity to decorate an item of their preference to take home. Items to personalize include a mug, plate, canvas, vase, sugar/coffee container, etc.

Peter Magic Show

Whether performing at holiday events or special occasions, Peter Magic is a barrel of laughs. He captures young audiences with multi-talented splendor of magic, comedy and song. His performance includes mystifying magical illusions, lots of audience participation and of course a million laughs.

Powerfully Peaceful

Participants will be taken on a guided, interactive meditative journey. Both adults and kids can explore breathing techniques and practical tools to relax and deal with stress. Tem Blessed will provide a brief history and philosophy on meditation practices and their many benefits to stay calm and balanced.

Puff Puff Pillow

Residents can create their very own personal pillow. To begin, a 4x6 digital picture is taken and printed on site to insert in the front of pillow. The pillowcase will be decorated with iron-on decals, fabric paints, rhinestones and so much more. Let your imagination flow.

Puppets from my Childhood

Puppets evoke memories of childhood. We bring vintage and handcrafted puppets from around the world and a share a little history, then demonstrate various puppets using fun skits and music. This can include hands on opportunities with audience members. This program is designed to spark memories, discussion, and joy. 

Recovery: An Exploration of Youth Mental Health

Youth Underground performs original plays that investigate social issues relevant to young people. “Recovery” is drawn from interviews with YU teens and members of their community, exploring the theme of youth mental health. “Recovery” considers questions like, "Why do we only address mental health when there's a crisis?", "Why do adults often seem dismissive or unprepared for youth mental health challenges?" Program runs 40-60 minutes, including a Q&A with the performers.

Reflexology 123

Reflexology 123 is a hands-on informative program that teaches methods of reflexology, builds knowledge and practice in meditation and journaling methods for relaxation and rejuvenation.  Reflexology for hands and feet, a soothing touch that affects the whole body, promotes overall health and is used as complementary care for people with a variety of conditions. 

Reiki & Meditation

During this interactive program residents are guided through gentle mediation while being in a Reiki circle. Seated residents learn simple techniques to incorporate in their daily routine, raising awareness and the importance of self-care. Quiet music completes the experience.

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.

Relaxation Chair Massage by Joanne Salerno

In this interactive program residents experience chair massage, reiki, or reflexology. To enhance the environment, calming music is provided promoting a relaxed state of mind. Everyone is welcome to come, even just to enjoy the quiet atmosphere. This program is wheelchair accessible. Residents remain fully clothed.

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.

Reptiles Rock

See and touch lizards, snakes, turtles or hang out with a snake. Come and learn about rainforest reptiles and the ways they interact with their ecosystem. Enjoy the rainforest reptile miniature zoo as well, and learn about different types of living reptiles, amphibians and bugs from all over the world. One experience you'll never "frog-et."

Rich Kringle Santa Claus Appearance

Rich Kringle is the region's foremost Santa and brings his big belly, his red suit and his jolly personality around the state to entertain audiences of all ages. Available for holiday photo sessions. There is no better Santa this side of the North Pole. Guaranteed to brighten the holidays for all.

Savings & Cash Management Strategies

Participants learn to develop better spending and savings habits. Participants will set up a personalized monthly spending plan, identify and analyze where money is going, avoid common spending traps, develop a plan to live on less and enjoy life more, and, finally, uncover easy and creative ways to save.

Seasonal Stories from Around the World

Professional, award winning Actor and Storyteller J.T. Turner shares engaging stories from around the world to delight all ages. Program can be tailored for the season, such as traditional ghost stories and global winter tales, as well as for specific populations, such as children and the elderly.

Self-Defense: Methods of Escape

This seminar will focus on self-defense methods that can aid in the escape of violent encounters. The primary instructor is a retired police officer with extensive experience in martial arts. During this class, he will share methods of defense based on the mechanics of the human skeletal system.

Self-Healing Sampler

Sample this interactive program to experience and learn simple ways to promote self-healing with a variety of modalities including massage, reiki, reflexology, gentle yoga, laughter and meditation. The participants will experience and learn how to incorporate these modalities into their daily lives.

Silk Blooms & Artful Crafts

This interactive program will focus on tactile art activities, using paper, visual art crafts (such as decorative papers, paints, markers, scissors) to create collages, cards, posters, multimedia canvas and journals.

Sing-Along with Philip, Family & Friends

A musical treat! Subject to availability & preference, Philip, Family and Friends All-Stars may feature wife Joanna  & daughter Sophia— amazing singers! - cousins Tony and Laura— Grammy nominated guitarist & fiddler! - and/or more talented musical friends, for a concert or sing-along with lovely harmonies and sparkling solos. (includes Philip + two)

Sizzling Reptiles

Ever wonder why alligators don't live in the desert? In this exciting program residents will learn about deserts—from the coldest to the hottest—as well as the reptiles and amphibians that live in some of the harshest conditions in the world.

Social Enterprise Workshop

We will educate the youth on important factors of starting a business, including establishing the importance of your “Why” and the different challenges that can arise. This will be an interactive session allowing the kids to come up with different ideas and brainstorm on different ways of growth.

Songs and Tales for the Season and the Day

Residents can celebrate any holiday or season with a heartwarming program of lively songs and captivating stories, tailor-made for the occasion. Through the four seasons, from Valentine's Day to New Year's Eve, we'll toast the time accompanied by guitar, mountain and hammered dulcimers, and limberjack.

Songs for Seniors from the Past 70 Years

A program geared to senior participation with Robin Oherin.  Equipped with a guitar, resonator guitar and ukulele, Robin covers a broad range of songs from blues to pop and folk, all of them very singable.

Stained Glass Mosaic Mirrors

Stained Glass pieces are provided and glued to a surface that has been prepared so that the completed project is a 5"x7" stained glass mirror! Instruction in material and tool use is provided as well as a sample template so participants of any age will succeed.

Stained Glass Mosaic Planter Pots

Residents will enjoy making a Stained-Glass Mosaic Planter Pot!! Colored glass pieces are provided and glued to a 5" terra-cotta planter pot. A sanded grout is then applied to complete the piece. Great for all audiences, no experience is necessary.

Stained Glass Mosaic Sun-Catchers

Participants create a beautiful Stained-Glass Mosaic Sun-Catcher to hang in a window. Colored glass pieces are provided and glued to a rectangular plexiglass surface. Great for all audiences, no experience is necessary.

Stained Glass Mosaic Tile Trivets

Participants create a Stained Glass Mosaic Tile Trivet. Colored glass pieces are provided and glued to a 4"x4" porcelain tile. A sanded grout is then applied to complete the piece. Great for all audiences, no experience is necessary.

Stained Glass Mosaic Wall Plaques

Magnificent Mosaics—Stained Glass Mosaic Wall plaques!  Real glass pieces are glued onto a wooden base, grouted and cleaned.  The wall plaque created is a beautiful keepsake item or makes for a wonderful gift.  No experience is necessary and is great for all ages. 

Steve Charette Incredible Magic Shows

Steve Charette is the one of the region's premier magicians having performed comedy magic of 30 years around New England and the East Coast. Steve performs mystifying close up and strolling magic as well as stage magic an incredibly interactive one-hour show. His magic is suitable for audiences of all ages. 

Swingin' With The Standards

'Swingin' With The Standards' is a program showcasing those hit tunes from the 30's,40's & 50's celebrating The Great American Songbook and other great jazz standards. A brief history of selected songs will also be included. 

Ta'i Chi

I will instruct the residents in Ta'i Chi in either a chair or standing. They will learn to feel life energy flowing into their legs, hips, torso, arms, neck, eyes and brain. Its meditative quality may quiet the mind while the gentle stretching movements encourage greater flexibility and relaxation.

TaiChi, Qigong, and Mindfulness

This wellness program, taught by certified Tai Chi, Qigong, and Meditation Instructor J.T. Turner, can be adapted to any age or ability. For example:

"Introduction to Qigong or Tai Chi": Participants are introduced to simple, gentle exercises of Qigong or TaiChi, mindful movement systems from China used around the world for thousands of years to calm mind and body. These simple movements can help reduce stress, prevent falls, and improve focus, balance, circulation, & mobility, and can be done standing, sitting, or even lying down.

"Journey of Chen: Animal Tai Chi," a story-based mindful movement program for children.   

Teen Situations

Teens are a tough population to engage in activities. ACME has 40 years of experience working with youth, teens being our biggest success! How do we do it? By being relatable and just a little bit crazy! We challenge the teens to work together in groups to solve interesting games and events. Snacks provided.

Telling Your Life Story

Each of us has unique, captivating stories to be shared.  Those stories can be great gifts to our loved ones, friends, and strangers too. In this workshop we will use some wonderful prompts to evoke memories that are often buried in the “treasure box of our minds."  We will choose one of those memories to shape into a story through a series of engaging spoken and written exercises designed to bring out it’s essence. At the end of the session, those who wish to, will have the opportunity to share their creation. The emphasis is to bring out the creative and distinctive voice of each person.  Participants will leave with one well crafted story to share and a proven template for telling many more.

The Carnival Comes to You

Imagine roaring tigers, beautiful butterflies, and animals of every type on the most beautiful canvas on earth—the human face! And our talented twisters will be equally creative with balloons. This interactive program is suitable for children of all audiences, from toddlers to seniors.

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.

The Crescent Dancers

With dazzling costumes and lively choreography, the Crescent Dancers share the magic and joy of Middle Eastern Belly Dance. After a performance including cultural information about the music, costumes and style of dance, there will be a dance lesson for all ages and abilities with easy to follow dance moves.

The Cure for the Common Show

The intent of my program is to share my unique, energetic, interactive, family-friendly comedy-juggling show with audiences of all ages. My show combines technical juggling skills, creative physical manipulation and original comedy, into a dynamic, fun and exciting live experience.

The Justin Meyer Trio

We play the American popular music of the 1920s through the 1940s- swing, New Orleans, jazz, and big band favorites, made famous by musicians such as Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, and Frank Sinatra. Perfect for concerts, background music for events, and holiday parties. Featuring New England's finest traditional jazz musicians. 

The Life and Times of Frank Sinatra

Enjoy the true story of one of the greatest entertainers of all time. Residents will learn how Frank Sinatra got his start, family history, his loves and marriages, his ups and downs. Stories about The Rat Pack and some of their colorful history will be included. This show also includes some of Frank's greatest hits.

The Season of Lights Puppet Show

All over the world, people light the long winter nights with celebration. The Season of Lights celebrates Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, African and Asian traditions with (secular) puppets, songs and great stories! 

To Life: Celebrations in Story, Song, and Music

This performance is filled with humorous, warm, playful stories and songs that are reminders of the goodness of life, despite the inevitable bumps. Mixed in are fascinating musical instruments from around the world. This program is a handful of joy bringing skills and tricks and a playful touch of audience participation.

Tribute To The Greatest Generation

A one hour presentation by vocalist Jim Porcella, featuring the music of the Big Band Era and The American Standards including tunes originally recorded by Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole, Louis Armstrong, and Bobby Darin. Big Band tributes to Glen Miller, Harry James, and Jimmy Dorsey.

Tribute to The Great Italian-American Singers

Jim's one hour presentation is a tribute to the "Great Italian Singers" featuring songs by Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Louis Prima, Al Martino, Perry Como, and Dean Martin, among others.

Vegas Variety Show

Come and see the styles of a Las Vegas variety show, featuring the best of Sinatra, Dino, Tom Jones, Eivis, Bobby Darin and Barry Manilow plus a few funny surprises mixed in. Residents can get ready to go on a musical journey that will have them laughing, singing and dancing in the aisles.

Veronica Robles: Dancing with the Colors of Mexico

The blend of ancient and modern traditions that is Mexican culture blazes to life as award-winning performer and Telemundo Boston star Veronica Robles dons an array of vibrant costumes, performs rousing dances, and sings passionate songs. Participants try out some Spanish, learn about Aztec culture, participate in some songs, and get a chance to put on some costumes to do a little dancing themselves!

When Irish Eyes are Smiling

This program is a fun presentation of traditional Irish music, humor and stories. The music will have everyone involved clapping and singing along. The comedy is side splitting laughter. Some of the songs you will hear are: "When Irish Eyes are Smiling", "My Wild Irish Rose", and "Tim Finnegan Wake" to name a few.

Witchy Wanda Halloween Spooktackular Show

Witchy Wanda's Halloween Spooktacular Show is a variety show and a way to celebrate Halloween in a safe environment. Exceptional Make-up, Costumes along with funny props are highlighted with farcical Songs about Halloween and its crazy charters. Audience participation is encouraged and rewarded with prizes.

This program may be used only once per TAP member site.